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M16: Chandra X-ray images of the Eagle Nebula

February 20, 2007

[Chandra image of M16]
Chandra image of M16

Chandra X-ray Observatory has been used to obtain an X-ray image of the “Pillars of Creation” part of the Eagle Nebula M16.

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Upcoming: Messier Marathon 2007

February 15, 2007

Messier Marathon time is coming again! Get ready for the 2007 Messier Marathon! More information:

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M49: BH Cancidate in Globular Cluster

February 15, 2007

XMM Newton and Chandra find X-ray radiation from a Black Hole Candidate in a globular cluster of M49.

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M16: Spitzer photographs in IR

February 14, 2007

[Spitzer image of M16]

Spitzer image of M16

The Spitzer Space Telescope has been used to obtain thrilling new images of the Eagle Nebula, M16.

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