M82: X-ray view by XMM-Newton

[M82 in X-rays, XMM-Newton]

M82 was captured in X-rays by a telesope on ESA’s XMM-Newton satellite, featuring its powerful outflow. M82 is actively forming stars, and exhibits a several kpc large outflow, made up of very hot gas produced by supernova explosions. The image has been produced from EPIC data; the colours indicate the energy of the X-rays (red: 0.4-1 keV; green: 1-2 keV; blue: 2-8 keV). The central regions of the galaxy appear blueish because of heavy absorption.

Credit: P. Ranalli, A. Comastri, L. Origlia, R. Maiolino and ESA.

XMM Newton image:

SEDS M82 page:


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